A Time to Reason and Put Pieces Together

The head coach of Alabama football didn’t know when Election Day occurred? He had more important things to attend to on the football field?

Seriously? This is the example he sets for the boys he molds into men?

Did every single person in the streets protesting Donald Trump’s election to the American Presidency vote?

Really, America?

Did I vote for him? No. Seriously, I always was with her.

BUT…It’s what we do in America. We fight out elections; then we peacefully recognize the time to come together for the good of the country. This is what keeps our Democracy great.

President-elect Trump graciously complimented Secretary Clinton on her hard-fought campaign when he accepted her phone call concession. Then he reached out to his detractors and asked for encouragement and support because, he said, “I love this country.”

Secretary Clinton, President Obama, Paul Ryan, Ohio Governor John Kasich, and many others, after bitter campaigning, have accepted the people’s choice and encouraged the transition of power procedure with willingness and foresight for the county they love, as well.

Some of you are saying Trump isn’t your President because you oppose him, didn’t vote for him, don’t like him, etc. But he is your President, and as Secretary Clinton said, he’s been called to the office and deserves the chance to lead.

The election is over, so let’s join together to get over it and, for our country, look to our new President with hope and support. Let’s help him put the pieces together.

Photo courtesy of http://www.pixabay.com


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