Change and Losing the Past…


It’s been said that I resist change. However, it’s not so much change I resist as it is losing the Past completely. Our Past is our History, and to lose History altogether is to never learn from change, or to be unable to understand how to shape the Future.

In my apartment building, we lost comfy carpet in the community room TV area to fake hardwood floors. Fake, mind you. Our modest library of actual books  succumbed to a new computer area. New faked information, if you will.

Well, okay — half a victory. Who doesn’t love fake news in today’s world?

Beautiful blossoming trees were removed from the front of the building because their juicy red berries terribly messed the fence and sidewalk, even causing slippery walking conditions, notably when birds pecked at the berries to snatch a meal and dropped many of them to be squashed underfoot. Our feet, not the birds’ feet. Okay. We got pretty stones and new, little trees and bushes which are growing into what will likely be slippery blossoms, but the birds won’t eat many, thereby won’t drop many.

This could go on for awhile, but, seriously, the point is, especially about books, that we continue to let changes, particularly via computer, overtake our information resources, and it isn’t reliable as the researched books of the Past.

Where is the Past going? Do our children and grand children know of our Past? Is there a valid reason for wiping out the learning of cursive writing? Etc.

There’s a wild, unreasonable trend, here, to abolish a way of life, and it’s woefully under-researched. Is the Past slipping further and further from the minds of our Future generations?

Are you? What say you?

Thank a Vet today!

And visit an historic lighthouse!


Image Credit: Photo from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg

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